Creator of C# Anders Hejlsberg: Bio, C# creation, Net Worth, College, Wife, Parents, Siblings

Anders Hejlsberg is a well-known figure. In addition to his position as a Technical Fellow in the Developer Division of Microsoft, Hejlsberg is best known for his role as an influential designer of development tools and a variety of programming languages. Hejlsberg is quite a well-known personality.

Anders Hejlsberg was a significant collaborator in the creation of the C# programming language as well as the Microsoft.NET Framework. He is also the lead designer of the C# programming language.

Since it was first made available to the public in the year 2000, the programming language known as C# has really seen a significant amount of acceptance, and it is now standardized by both ISO and ECMA.

Anders Hejlsberg is a well-known Danish programmer and engineer who was born on December 2, 1960, in Denmark. He is responsible for the invention of a great number of famous and successful programming languages, in addition to development tools.

Anders was the original creator of the Turbo Pascal programming language and a significant contributor to the development of Delphi. During the present time period, he is employed by the Microsoft Company in the capacity of chief architect of C# and core developer at TypeScript.

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Anders Hejlsberg Biography

Anders Hejlsberg worked at Borland International Inc. for a number of years prior to beginning his tenure at Microsoft in 1996. The first version of Turbo Pascal was created by Anders Hejlsberg, a lead engineer at integrated development who later became the creator of the successor program Delphi.

Anders Hejlsberg Early Years and Career

Anders attended the Technical University of Denmark for his engineering education but did not graduate. However, in 1980, he began building a variety of applications for the Nascom microcomputer. One of these programs was the Pascal compiler, which was sold as “Blue Label Software” for the Nascom-2.

However, not long after that, he updated this for DOS and CP/M and began selling it first under the name Compas Pascal and later under the name PolyPascal.

After that, Borland granted a license for this product, and it was subsequently incorporated into the IDE, which later evolved into the Turbo Pascal system. PolyPascal was an alternative to Turbo Pascal as a programming language. The “Algorithms and Data Structures = Programs” book by Niklaus Wirth was a groundbreaking work of computing at the time it was published, and it had a significant impact on the development of the “Tiny Pascal” compiler.

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Anders Hejlsberg and his business partners had a computer store in Copenhagen that specialized in the distribution of accounting software. PolyData was an important distributor for a variety of Microsoft products in Denmark, which put the firm in direct competition with Borland.

Anders Hejlsberg and Philippe Kahn initially met in 1986. Jensen Niels, who was Borland’s founder and the company’s largest shareholder at the time, was responsible for the effective management of this partnership between Borland and PolyData throughout those early years.

Anders Hejlsberg at Borland

As a Pascal compiler, Turbo Pascal became Borland’s most successful commercial product ever when it was in their hands. Anders Hejlsberg remained with PolyData until the onset of financial difficulties at the firm he worked for; at that point, he relocated to California, where he eventually became the Chief Engineer at Borland. He remained there till 1996.

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At this time, he moved ahead and built Turbo Pascal, and he became a key architect for his team that designed a replacement for Turbo Pascal called Delphi. Both of these accomplishments were accomplished at this time.

Anders Hejlsberg at Microsoft

Anders joined Microsoft in 1996 after resigning from Borland. His accomplishments include the programming language J++ and the Windows Foundation Classes; as a result, Microsoft quickly promoted him to the position of Distinguished Engineer and Technical Fellow.

Anders has served as the lead architect of the team that has been working on the C# programming language since the year 2000.

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