Cooper Noriega Cause of death Video [Watch Video]

Cooper Noriega’s cause of death was determined six months after he died, less than three weeks before he would have turned 20. On June 9, the 19-year-old social media star’s dead body was found in a Burbank parking lot.

The medical examiner-coroner for Los Angeles County came to the conclusion that Noriega passed away as a result of the interaction between the effects of the opioid fentanyl, the anti-anxiety medication lorazepam, and the tranquilizer alprazolam, more commonly known as Xanax.

A recent use of the anxiety medication clonazepam was also mentioned as a “major contribution” by the coroner in the report on the man’s cause of death. The death of Noriega has been considered an accident.

Cooper Noriega posted a video on TikTok, where he now has over 3 million followers, hours before he was discovered dead. The caption for the video read, “Who else is thinking they’re going to die young af?”

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“There are no words that can adequately explain the sense of loss and sadness. This is not how it should have turned out. Your youngster is not allowed to approach his parents without your permission. Cooper’s impact has been felt by a huge number of individuals.

My son was a devout Christian, and I have no doubt that he is now standing before God. I would like to thank everyone. “I adore you all, “After his death, his father Harold composed a memorial for him to read.

In a letter that she sent to Noriega, Treva, Noriega’s mother, stated, “My heart is eternally crushed.”

She added, “You are my very own guardian angel, and our hearts are bound to one another.” “I have no doubt that when my mother died, she was raising her arms to welcome you into heaven. You have attained the pinnacle of happiness and joy in your life at this very moment. “I’ll see you again, my little baby son… when I become your mother.”

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Cooper Noriega has been honest about his struggles with both mental illness and drug abuse.

“I’ve been fighting with addiction since I was 9 years old, you may think that’s weird, but that’s the life I’ve been dealt,” said Cooper on Instagram earlier this month. “You may think that’s crazy, but that’s the life I’ve been dealt.”

“I would like to use the influence that has been given to me to build an environment that is focused on normalizing talking about mental illness and promoting awareness,” she said.

On June 5, Noriega announced the formation of a new group on the chat platform Discord for individuals to discuss their personal experiences with mental health. The video was uploaded on TikTok. Check out the video below.

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