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Coach Prosper Nartey Ogum was terminated from his position as coach at Asante Kotoko

A member of the Asante Kotoko Board of Directors has fired Coach Ogum.

A member of Kumasi Asante Kotoko’s administration, Dr. Kofi Abban, has called the bluff of the team’s head coach, Dr. Prosper Nartey Ogum. Kumasi Asante Kotoko is currently the defending champion of the Ghana League.

It was supposedly stated that Dr. Prosper Nartey Ogum had resigned from his post as the club’s head coach and would no longer be connected with the organization.

This news comes after it was revealed that he had previously held this position. The fantastic fans were hit with a sucker punch by the supposed decision made by the coach.

Coach Prosper Nartey Ogum was terminated from his position as coach at Asante Kotoko

They had the preconceived notion that the coach would be the least likely person to make such a move. It is rumored that the club is behind on the coach’s salary by almost six months and that he is at odds with the Chief Executive Officer, Nana Yaw Amponsah.

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It is also said that the coach has questioned the choice to offload some of the important players of the team, which he perceives as a scheme to set him up for failure in the African campaign. Again, this is an allegation that has not been proven.

The decision that he made has caused disagreements among the higher-ups at Kotoko; although some of the board members are of the idea that the coach should keep his job, others are of the opposite opinion.

Dr. Kofi Abban is one of the individuals that are in favor of the coach leaving the club. A member of the board expressed his disapproval of the decision made by the coach on social media, specifically on his Twitter profile.

According to the content of his tweet, “Nana Yaw Amponsah is leading a great management team that is stewarding Asante Kotoko.

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” The fact that they were successful both on and off the field during the previous campaign is evidence of this reality. It is imperative that the coach be let go. There is no one more powerful than the Club. Asante Kotoko stays Supreme… ”

The members of the Kotoko board will get together tomorrow for a meeting to discuss the next steps the club should take as the Africa campaign draws closer.

The future of the coach, namely the question of whether or not the official resignation letter he submitted should be accepted, will be one of the topics that will be examined.

Since the head coach has not shared his choice with the board, they believe that he will continue to serve in his current capacity. will provide you with any new information that is derived from the meeting that will take place on the 25th of July 2022.

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The Black Galaxies, sometimes known as the local Black Stars, are currently practicing for CHAN qualifying in Cape Coast, where coach Ogum is currently located.

BY: Randy Osei Akoto

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