Christian Atsu still missing but his shoes were found in rubble – Agent

Nana Sechere, an agent for Christian Atsu, has stated that the Ghanaian international has not been located but that after a search amid the debris in Turkey, his shoes were recovered. Turkey is where the search took place.

On February 6, 2023, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck sections of Turkey and Syria, and it was reported that Atsu, age 31, had gone missing as a result of the catastrophe.

Following his abduction, there have been rumors that contradict one another regarding the former Chelsea player’s well-being.

Through her Twitter account, Atsu’s agent, Nana Sechere, provided an update in which she stated that although the search was still under way, some of Atsu’s items had been found.

“Nine days have passed since the earthquake, and we still have not been able to locate Christian.” I am here in Hatay with Christian’s family, near the epicenter of the earthquake. According to what he wrote, “the sights are unfathomable, and our hearts are torn for all of the individuals who have been touched.”

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“During the period that I have been at this place, we have been successful in pinpointing the precise position of Christian Atsu’s chamber, and we have discovered two pairs of his shoes.”

“Yesterday, we were able to confirm that thermal imagery was indicating the presence of up to five individuals. But I’ve been told that the only real proof of life is seeing, smelling, and hearing it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find Christian.

“This is a terrible situation, and we are incredibly thankful to all of the Turkish and international rescue teams, as well as local residents and volunteers, for their efforts and responsiveness in rescuing survivors,” the statement said. “We are working to bring as many people to safety as possible.” On the other hand, we need additional resources, particularly the services of a translator, on the ground.

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“Things are going extremely slowly, and as a consequence of that, many rescues are being delayed, and as a result of that, lives are being lost due to the shortage of resources that are accessible to the workers.” It is sad that the club is not here with us, working with us to find Christian on the ground.

“The combination of their status and influence within the community, as well as their familiarity with the area, would be of great assistance. We are pleading with the president of the club, who is also the mayor of Hatay, Lütfü Savaş, to give more resources in order to expedite the search and rescue operations as a top priority.

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