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Chris Eubank Sr Reacts to his brothers death

Chris Eubank Sr. discusses the anguish of losing his brother after a five-year soul-destroying’ fight with dementia, which occurred two years after the untimely death of his son.

“He had spent the previous two years trapped inside his own body,” the narrator says.
Simon Eubank, the older brother of Chris Eubank Sr., passed away a month ago at the age of 61.
Eubank Sr. has said that his brother has been battling dementia for a very long time.

Chris Eubank Jr., a legendary boxer, has delivered a heartfelt eulogy for his late brother Simon, who passed away on December 1 at the age of 61 after a protracted struggle with dementia. Chris Eubank Jr.’s eulogy was published shortly after Simon’s death.

Chris Eubank Sr. discusses the anguish of losing his brother


It was reported that Simon had passed away in September, and shortly after, his son Harlem, who is also a boxer, posted a touching homage to his father on X.


After receiving a diagnosis of dementia five years ago, Eubank Sr. has finally spoken publicly about the anguish that his brother endured during the final days of his life when he was a resident in a nursing facility.

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The 57-year-old man claimed to be inconsolable over the passing of his brother, but he also acknowledged that his sibling “is truly at rest now.”


During an interview with The Sun, Eubank Sr. said that Simon was suffering from frontal lobe dementia.

Since the beginning of these two years, he has been imprisoned inside his own body. According to what Eubank Sr. shared with The Sun, “to see someone spasming all the time they’re awake for a year and a half is soul-destroying.”


“My brother has never failed to show me love, and he has never failed to look out for me.” Once, Simon was the one who kept me alive. Because my dad was the only one who ever truly loved me, I chose to recite 1 Corinthians 13:13 at his memorial service.


“It discusses how love is the most powerful of all things, and I recited that for him and for what he did for me because I believe that love is the most powerful of all things.” In many ways, the legacy that Jesus has left for us is one of charity. Now that he has finally found peace, he may finally retire.

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In the ring, Eubank Sr. was recognised for the warrior-like mentality that helped him capture world titles in two different weight divisions, despite the fact that he also took a large amount of punishment during the course of his professional career of 13 years.


In spite of the fact that he has been involved in several challenging conflicts, he asserts that he is not worried about acquiring dementia himself because he has been putting in a lot of effort to “keep my memory in shape.”


You are going to have to exercise your brain. According to what he had remarked, “What I have found to be good is committing to memory philosophies and then reciting them to audiences.”


“I have fought against it in such a manner. Throughout the course of my work, I committed those poems to memory in order to train myself to be cognitively capable. This allowed me to continually maintain my memory.


‘All throughout my professional life, I was astute. There’s no question that I took a few blows to the head. I’ve taken a lot of bad damage, but nowhere near as much as a lot of other fighters.’

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The departure of Eubank Sr.’s brother occurred only two years after the untimely death of Eubank Sr.’s son Sebastian, who was only 29 years old when he suffered a heart attack and passed away. This has been an extremely trying time in Eubank Sr.’s life.

After giving it some thought, he admitted that he would never be able to accept his son’s passing because of the loss of his son.

Eubank Sr. stated, “I will never get over the fact that Sebastian is no longer here.”

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