Carrie Ann Edwards Bio, Job, Net Worth

Carrie Ann Edwards, better known by her stage name Shania Twain, was born on August 28, 1965, in the city of Windsor, in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Her parents were Clarence Edwards and Sharon (who was formerly known as Morrison). In addition to her, two of her sisters, Jill and Carrie Ann, are still alive.

However, when she was just two years old, her parents split, and her mother moved to Timmins, Ontario, with her daughters. Her father never visited them after that.

In later interviews, Shania’s biological father, Clarence, has discussed how much he misses his daughter and recalled that the two of them had their most recent interaction in 1996, when she was 15 years old.

“Shania is my daughter, and she is the source of a great deal of joy in my life. According to a comment from Clarence that appeared in the National Enquirer, he said, “But it crushes my heart that she’s cut me off.

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“Because I was married to Shania’s mother for seven years, I lived in that house with Eilleen and her sister Carrie-Ann until they were between the ages of five and six. My employment as a train engineer was one of the most challenging jobs I’ve ever had.

In addition to this, Shania’s mother was a very possessive and envious individual. She didn’t like it when I went out for a beer with my friends or did other regular stuff since she thought it was boring.

“I was compelled to remain sedentary at home. There was a great deal of anxiety. I ended up in the hospital after having a mental breakdown and being there for a while.

After leaving the building, I came to the conclusion that I had had enough quite soon. One day, I just got up and left. My wife, Sharon, had already been seeing Jerry Twain before we met him.

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Shania has discussed in the past how difficult her childhood was. Due to the fact that they were poor, there was not always enough food in her parents’ home.

Carrie Ann Edwards Net worth

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