Briton loses world-title attempt in Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2 by a split decision.

In the rematch, the British boxer Anthony Joshua lost to the Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk, and Joshua failed in his attempt to win the world championship.


Joshua, 32, displayed considerable aggression and desire in the fight that became known as the Rage on the Red Sea; this was a big improvement over their first clash. However, he was unable to match the Ukrainian in terms of brilliance and ring experience. The fight became known as the “Rage on the Red Sea.”


The fight was declared in Usyk's favor by all three judges, with the scores being 115–113 in favor of Usyk and 116–112 in favor of the challenger. Usyk was the most deserving champion of the competition, and he emerged victorious despite a few tight bouts.


Following the conclusion of the bout, Joshua stormed to the ringside area, where he removed two of Usyk's championship belts, hurled them on the ground, and then entered the locker room. This conduct was rather out of the ordinary. Following that, he turned around and returned to the ring in order to deliver a passionate message.


“Usyk is a terrific athlete and a fierce competitor.” He said that everything was only an expression of his feelings. If you know my story, which you can find here, you might be able to understand the excitement that we have. There is no such thing as me boxing for enjoyment or anything like that. It was going to be a while before I was released on bail, and it would have been much longer before I started working out.


“It is a glaring demonstration of how seriously we take our dedication to this endeavor. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give the new heavyweight world champion a round of applause because of the amount of effort that it must have taken him to defeat me today. He is the new heavyweight world champion.

Briton loses world-title attempt in Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2 by a split decision.

They have asserted that I am not capable of fighting for 12 continuous rounds. My true weight is actually 18 stone, not the standard 14. I'm massive. It will take some effort on your part. The individual in front of us is an outstanding example of a human being.


Joshua has now been defeated twice by Usyk, and the Ukrainian continues to hold the WBA (Super), WBO, and FIB titles that he won in London back in September. Joshua's most recent loss came via a technical knockout in the tenth round.


Joshua had some success throughout the fight, but his finest round was the ninth when he charged Usyk down and delivered a flurry of strikes that had an AJ-like feel to them. Joshua had some success throughout the fight. Joshua came out on top in the round.


However, Usyk had such a high level of ability that when he rejoined the battle in the tenth round, he began consistently landing powerful blows on his opponent. Because of this, he was able to win the round. Joshua was unable to muster any kind of resistance after being blasted by Usyk's five-punch combination in the middle of the fight.


Usyk, who had only a few months before been defending his homeland from an invasion by Russia, was able to gain a significant edge from Joshua's exhaustion in the later rounds of the fight. Usyk was victorious in the battle by a significant margin.


He expressed his gratitude to the members of the military forces who have served our country, telling them, “Thank you so much” for protecting not only the country but also his family, his team, and himself.

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