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British man (David Hunter) accused of murdering his terminally ill wife

According to his daughter, a British man called David Hunter suspected of murdering his terminally sick wife in Cyprus is “terrified” as he prepares to stand trial, and she thinks he will die in prison if convicted.

David Hunter, 75, is due in court on Thursday to answer questions about the death of his boyhood girlfriend Janice at their island flat last year. Mr. Hunter is said to have suffocated her before attempting suicide but surviving. Mrs. Hunter had been happily married for 56 years when she was diagnosed with terminal blood cancer and expressed her desire to die, according to Hunter’s solicitors.

David Hunter

However, a charge of ‘assisting suicide’ was dismissed, and the former miner now faces life in prison if convicted of murder.

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Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, who had been married for 56 years and had been adolescent sweethearts, had retired to Cyprus 20 years ago. Mrs. Hunter, a former corner shop worker, was left in considerable agony in later life as a result of her health concerns, and her “quality of life was considerably degraded,” according to her daughter.

Mrs. Cawthorne, speaking to Sky News, said: “I had no idea how awful things had gotten. “My father has recently informed me that they were bleak. She was in excruciating discomfort. “She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, which caused her a great deal of discomfort and limited her mobility.

“Her appendix was removed, she had cataract surgery, she underwent knee replacement surgery, and she had a tumor on her ovaries removed.

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