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Bongani Njoli Biography

A lot of people are showing their gratitude for Bongani Njoli, who was known as the “voice of” and was an iconic figure in the world of radio.

On Sunday, about 11 in the morning, Njoli passed away as a result of the health issues she had been experiencing.

The inhabitant of Cape Town, who is now 52 years old and is from the area of Langa, has had brief stints with radio stations like UCT Radio, Good Hope FM, Heart 104.9fm, and Magic 828 AM. The person is originally from the neighborhood of Langa.

Despite this, the actor was perhaps most recognized for lending their voice to commercials that were broadcast on Who among us could ever forget that instantly recognizable voice saying things like “Tonight on e” and “Friday action night,” amongst other phrases that will live long in our memories?

Sharon Lause Mrawuli, who has been Njoli’s partner for the past 21 years, disclosed the news that he would be breaking up with his daughter, Tembisa Bavuma, who is currently 24 years old.

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During a recent interview with IOL Entertainment, Mrawuli stated that Njoli has been “forgotten” during the past few years.

Bongani Njoli went on to remark that she will miss his voice, of course, as well as his smile. We spent a lot of time together just hanging out and listening to his old songs since he was the only friend I had.

Because he was so humble, he was not the type of man to harbor resentment toward others. When he was in love, it wasn’t hard to tell at all. After that, he continued by saying that “his mom is still living, and she’s 92; the family is not doing well.”

It would appear that the vast majority of people, including, have forgotten about him.

One of Njoli’s former employees is credited with making the following statement: “For over 17 years, he served as the official voice of ETV.” His appearances in television ads were quite well received by viewers.

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Then, within the most recent few years, he had a great deal of difficulty getting a job; radio stations stopped working with him; and he was in a terrible condition.

I was successful in persuading him to take part in the new television program that we are creating at UWC and calling UWC On Air, and he demonstrated the same level of intelligence and polish that he had in the past. He felt it was just fantastic.

I picked him up in Langa and dropped him off at his house while we were recording voice-over sessions together, so we had a lot of time to talk to one another at that period. We spoke about how difficult things were for him just a month ago when we had that chat.

The person who was speaking stated that “he appeared feeble and elderly, a mere ghost of the guy that I remember.”

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At the time of his passing, he had reached the age of 54.


Tembisa Bavuma is 24 years old, and Njoli is survived by his mother, who is 92 years old; his companion of 21 years, Sharon Lause Mrawuli; and his mother. Tembisa is Njoli’s only child.

Cause of death

It has not been proven what caused his death; however, there have been indications that he had been facing health difficulties as of late. Despite this, it is possible that his death was related to these issues.

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