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Big Brother Titans Housemates Biography, Profile Of Contestants, BBTitans 2023

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Big Brother Titans Housemates Biography, Profile Of Contestants, BBTitans 2023

1. Blaqboi

Big Brother Titans


Age: 26

Originally from Nigeria’s Plateau State but currently residing in Jos

Content producer and wannabe filmmaker It is not surprising that Blaqboi is interested in becoming a filmmaker because he is a terrific storyteller who is quiet and level-headed. He has a lot of street smarts and is also personable, humorous, and self-assured.

2. Ebubu

Big Brother Titans

Age: 28

Originally from Anambra State in Nigeria, currently residing in Lagos

both an actor and a model Ebubu is open-minded and curious about both his immediate environment and the world beyond it thanks to his vivacious attitude and street smarts. His personality is also characterized by humor, toughness, serenity, and tenacity.


Big Brother Titans

Age: 24

Currently residing in the Gauteng region of South Africa, but originally from the North West.

Ipeleng, a law student, has a terrific sense of humor as well as a bashful side. She cherishes her relationship with and respect for her parents.


Big Brother Titans

Age: 26

Location: Lagos, Nigeria’s Lagos State

Work as a nurse and model Jaypee is an open-minded romantic who enjoys taking chances. A flirtatious assurance and an open mind help her do this.

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5.Jenni O.

Big Brother Titans
Jenni O.

Age: 24

Originating from Imo State, Nigeria, but currently residing in the USA

Work as a health and safety expert. Jenni O is a chatty, sassy individual. She is an outspoken, colorful daredevil who has no patience for foolishness.

6.Juicy Jay

Big Brother Titans
Juicy Jay

Age: 24

Location: South Africa’s Eastern Cape

Rugby player in the semi-pro ranks Juicy Jay is vivacious and loves to socialize and party. This fiercely competitive, proudly Xhosa man enjoys life on the edge.


Big Brother Titans

Age: 21

East London, South Africa, is the location.

Work as a photographer Easy-going In general, Justin is interesting and enjoyable. He is a happy-go-lucky person who enjoys laughing, yet he is also a trustworthy friend.

8.Kanaga Jr.

Big Brother Titans
Kanaga Junior

Age: 23

Originally from Nigeria’s Abia State, but now residing in Lagos

Working as a model and aspiring actor The physically fit Kanaga Jr. is endearing yet direct, expressive but collected. He is a sensitive young man who loves older women and has a youthful appeal, but he is also mature for his age.

9. Khosi

Big Brother Titans

Age: 25

Location: She now resides in Johannesburg, South Africa; however, she is originally from KwaZulu-Natal.

Journalist Khosi’s outspoken and open-minded nature fits her line of work as a journalist. She is both daring and self-aware.

10. Lukay

Big Brother Titans

Age: 31

South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal is the location.

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Work as a sales executive Lukay, who relocated to KwaZulu-Natal to repair his ties with his parents, is self-aware, ruthlessly honest, and a traditionalist. His charming smile serves as a symbol of his vitality.


Big Brother Titans

Age: 28

Originating in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, but currently residing in Texas, USA

Work as a chemical engineer and model

Marvin is a charming man from a lowly background. The experienced traveler is devoted to his loved ones. He describes himself as a cute young man with intelligence and a sense of humour.

12. Mmeli

Big Brother Titans


Age: 24

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa; Hillbrow

Work as a model and content creator Mmeli, who was raised in the “Brow,” is bold, street smart, and has a sinister side. He doesn’t care what people say about him. He enjoys going out and is committed to the bachelor life.


Big Brother Titans

Age: 22

Originating from Kaduna State in Nigeria

Employment: Entrepreneur Nana is soft-spoken yet deviates from accepted social behavior. She appears cautious, but perhaps calm waters really run deep.


Big Brother Titans

Age: 25

Originating in the Eastern Cape, she is currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Job title: TBC Nelisa is a little bundle of explosive power. She is vivacious and spirited. She also has a propensity to show all of her emotions.


Big Brother Titans

Age: 22

Geographical origins: Imo State, Nigeria

as a job Olivia is a beautiful girl with a hint of wildness. The aspiring actor who is brave and adventurous has huge dreams.

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Big Brother Titans

Age: 21

Location: Previously Soweto, now Johannesburg, South Africa

My job title is sports data analyst.Big-voiced Thabang is a self-starter who plays by the rules. He is charming and composed, aware of his emotions, and his desire for pleasure is unaffected by his drive and focus.


Big Brother Titans

Age: 24

Pretoria, South Africa, is the location.

Tsatsii is an engineering, biotechnology, and microbiology student who is both analytical and inquisitive about life. She is as smart as she is beautiful.

18. Yaya

Big Brother Titans

Age: 30

Originating in the Eastern Cape, presently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa

Work as a plus-size model Yaya is gregarious and has a strong, independent personality. She is mature, reserved, and unafraid to show her vulnerability.

19.Yemi Cregx.

Big Brother Titans
Yemi Cregx

Age: 30 Originally from Ekiti State in Nigeria, I now live in Lagos.

Actor and model by profession: imposing, dark, and appealing Yemi Cregx is extroverted and self-assured. He is noted for being fiercely competitive but yet being a person who wears his emotions on his sleeve.


Big Brother Titans

Age: 28

Originating in Akwa Ibom State, presently residing in Lagos, Nigeria

Model and content creator by profession.  Yvonne is accustomed to receiving what she wants since she was created for an easy life. But this pastor’s kid is also tenacious and brave.

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