Bernard Kalb Nieces: Judith Ellen Kalb, Deborah Kalb

American journalist, moderator, media analyst, lecturer, and author Bernard Kalb was well-known for his work in these fields.

In 1984, Ben was promoted to the position of Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, a position that also included the responsibilities of department spokesperson. It was a historic moment since it marked the first time that a reporter who had covered the State Department had been known as the department’s spokeswoman.

In order to lodge a protest against what he referred to as “the reported disinformation program” carried out by the Reagan Administration against the Libyan leader known as Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi, Kalb stepped down from his position after holding it for 2 years and resigned as a result.

New York City is where Kalb spent his whole childhood. After earning a Bachelor of Social Science degree from City College of New York, Bernard went on to get a Master of Arts degree from Harvard University. Bernard is a graduate of both institutions.

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Together, he and his ex-spouse, who is also known as Phyllis Bernstein, have raised four kids. In February of 2022, he reached the milestone age of 100 years old.

He had a terrible fall on the second of January 2023, and six days later, on the eighth of January, he passed away from the injuries he acquired as a result of the incident at his home in North Bethesda, Maryland. He was 100 years old.

Bernard Kalb Nieces: Judith Ellen Kalb, Deborah Kalb

The individual known as Marvin Kalb, Bernard Kalb’s brother, is the father of two women who have been identified as Judith Ellen Kalb and Deborah Kalb.

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