Bank of Ghana has Issued warning against Cedi bouquets and hampers; check it out

When it comes to gift-giving, the Bank of Ghana has issued a warning to the general public to refrain from using cedi banknotes as bouquets and hampers.

It was stated that the currency was created to function as a medium of exchange for the purpose of making purchases of various goods and services.

Dominic Owusu, who is the Director of the Currency Department at the central bank, stated today (March 30) to the journalists that any other use of the currency is illegal and could result in legal action being taken against the individual.

He stated that the bank had observed that some individuals were using the cedi notes as bouquets and hampers as gifts during weddings, birthdays, and other types of celebrations. He stated that this practice needs to be stopped immediately.

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He stated that in addition to being illegal, such actions made it much simpler for the notes to deteriorate or be tampered with.

He stated that actions of this nature had an impact on the central bank’s operations because it is expensive to replace ruined or worn-out cedis notes.

As part of the activities taking place throughout the month of March to celebrate Ghana month, Mr. Owusu was giving a talk to journalists about the best ways to protect the currency.

He stated that the national unit of currency was an important representation of the nation and that everyone should make it a top priority to keep the cedi’s quality and cleanliness intact.

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