Asamoah Gyan retires: 5 memorable moments from his career [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, Asamoah Gyan unexpectedly announced his retirement from football, ending an almost 20-year career.

His retirement has been greeted with an outpouring of love and devotion, underscoring the lasting impression he has made on the nation’s football scene.

Beyond his amazing technique and ability to score goals, Gyan has left a lasting impact. He showed steadfast commitment and unmatched passion for the game throughout his career, which helped him win a particular place in the hearts of his supporters.

When Gyan made his professional debut in 2003 for Liberty Professionals, his remarkable adventure officially began. Over the course of his career, he participated in more than 500 games. His ability to score goals was similarly amazing, as seen by the almost 250 goals he scored.

Gyan’s career is full of noteworthy incidents that have permanently inscribed his name in football history. Here are a few examples.

Gyan scored Ghana’s first World Cup goal.

Asamoah Gyan was still getting used to himself in 2006, especially with the Black Stars. Gyan was selected for Ghana’s first-ever World Cup roster despite his youth due to his early display of talent. He was just a few months older than Haminu Dramani and the second-youngest player on the team (20 years old). This did not stop him from making a lasting impression, though.

Gyan created history by scoring the nation’s first-ever World Cup goal during that momentous World Cup campaign. In a crucial moment, Gyan displayed exceptional composure, and then came an unstoppable low drive that left former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech speechless as the ball found the back of the net.

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This iconic goal showcased Gyan’s technical mastery as well as his capacity to perform at a high level on the biggest platform in international football. It was evidence of his ability and the beginning of a great career that would enthral fans everywhere.


Gyan sets World Cup record.

Gyan made history once more, eight years after his stunning World Cup debut goal. In 2014, Gyan established a record by scoring more goals than any other African player in the World Cup.

Ghana and Germany played to a dramatic 2-2 tie, with Gyan scoring. With that score, he surpassed the previous mark set by the legendary Roger Milla of Cameroon and cemented his position as the most prolific African scorer in World Cup history.

Goal against United States in South Africa 

Gyan set a record by scoring 51 goals for Ghana, but his goal against the United States at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is unquestionably one of the most well-known. With a score of 2-1, that goal gave Ghana the victory in the close round of 16 match and advanced them to the quarterfinals.

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Gyan’s ability to control a long ball forward with his chest and bury a strike from a wide angle while being surrounded by two defenders was spectacular. Ghana’s victory made it the third African team to go to the World Cup’s final eight.

Goal against Algeria 

The 2015 AFCON semifinals for Ghana were a triumphant and heartbreaking experience. Even though the Black Stars lost in the end, Asamoah Gyan’s valiant efforts made the team’s extraordinary run possible. Gyan, who was battling malaria, was essential in keeping Ghana from finishing the group stage early.

The Black Stars needed a victory to maintain their chances of winning the tournament after dropping their opening game. When his team most needed him, Gyan was the one who stepped up. He scored a vital late winner as time expired to give Ghana a crucial three points.

Gyan stated, “I mean, I had been woeful through the game and lacked any possibility of getting a goal,” in his LeGyandary book. But Mubarak Wakaso continued to have faith in me. He directed the ball at me. From our half to the attacking side, the pass was wide. I was thinking about a number of things as the ball was in mid-flight. Should I pursue it and see what happens? Should I just let it go, or what?

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After sprinting around for 90 minutes, I was worn out. But when the ball landed, I realised I could pull it off. For me, it was a matter of life or death. Even though I knew the odds were slim, anything was possible.

Gyan stuns England at Wembley

In an eagerly anticipated friendly game in 2011, Gyan once again proved his brilliance and made headlines. With a last-second equaliser at Wembley, Gyan destroyed England’s chances of winning at home. But the game-winning goal wasn’t just any regular score.

After Gyan captivated England substitute Joleon Lescott with his extraordinary skills inside the penalty area, the team’s fervent and enthusiastic supporters erupted in wild jubilation. Gyan stunned the crowd by skillfully chipping the ball past goalkeeper Joe Hart’s reach.

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