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Nigerian Afrobeats star Asake accused of mocking Christianity in Only Me video

The latest music video from Nigerian Afrobeats artist Asake, Only Me, has caused controversy and been accused of “mocking” Christianity.

Asake wears Christian regalia and has a halo around his head in the video. The musician hurls cash at his costumed dancers, causing them to topple over.

Asake accused of mocking Christianity in Only Me video

Since its Thursday release, the video has received a lot of negative feedback on social media.

The management of Asake has been contacted by the BBC for a comment, but they have not replied.

One commenter on X stated, “Asake keeps disrespecting the Christian faith in his music videos.”

In the video, the dancers sing Only Me’s refrain, repeating “we get money” over and over again. While the lyrics appear to be about someone who only wants to live for themselves, the video could be seen as a satire about charismatic preachers.

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Many social media users have condemned it.

“Asake is mocking Christians with his blasphemous music video,” another user wrote on X.

This is not the first time the Grammy-nominated musician has been criticised for his use of Christian imagery in his music videos.

Last year, he came under fire for the video for Bandana, his collaboration with Fireboy DML, which depicted black goats sitting in a church. Around him people can be seen in the pews, each with a flame above their heads.

There have been calls from Asake fans for him to take down the video.

“Shame on you man. I’m a big fan of your music but the depictions in this your latest video are absolutely insane” one fan wrote.

“Please bring down this video. This is an insult to our Christian faith. Do your music but respect people’s religions” wrote another on Instagram.

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