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Annie Wersching Death, Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Cause Of Death, Family, Net worth

Annie Wersching Biography

Annie Wersching was an American actress who was born on March 28, 1977, and passed away on January 29, 2023. She was born on March 28, 1977, and died on January 29, 2023. She was famous for her appearances on television as Renee Walker in the program “24” and Julia Brasher in the show “Bosch.”

In addition, she provided the voice and performance capture for Tess in the video game “The Last of Us.” In the television program Timeless, she also portrayed the role of Emma Whitmore.

Annie Wersching  Age

Annie Wersching was 45 years old at the time of the event in question. She came into the world in the city of St. Louis, which can be found in the U.S. state of Missouri.

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Annie Wersching Height

How tall is Annie Wersching? Annie Wersching is 5 feet, 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall.

Annie Wersching Parents

Annie Wersching was given to the world by her parents, Frank Wersching Jr. and Sandy Wersching, when they brought their daughter into the world.

Annie Wersching Husband

Annie Wersching was a married woman who had a spouse by the name of Stephen Full. Her husband’s name was Stephen.

In 2009, they went through with the wedding and exchanged vows. The comic work that Stephen Full has done is well-known.

Annie Wersching Siblings

Annie has two siblings, Kirsten Wersching and Frank Wersching III.

Annie Wersching Children

Annie Wersching and her husband have been given the gift of motherhood on three separate occasions. They are known as Freddie, who is 12 years old, Ozzie, who is 4, and Archie, who is also 4.

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Annie Wersching Instagram

Annie Wersching Through Instagram, more than 216 thousand individuals have subscribeds have subscribed. Her handle is @anniewersching.

Annie Wersching Net worth

At this point in time, it is speculated that Annie Wersching has a net worth of $5 million.

Annie Wersching Cause of death

Annie Wersching passed away unexpectedly at the age of 45. She was most known for her part as Renee Walker on the television drama 24, for which she was best recognized.

Annie Wersching put up a valiant fight against cancer for a very long period before finally giving in to the illness. Her spouse and their three sons were the only ones to survive her passing.

Annie Wersching husband, Stephen, broke the news to the family that she had passed away;

“At the moment, there is a hole that cannot even begin to be comprehended in the soul of this family.”

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“However, she did leave us the instruments necessary to do the task,” the sentence continues. She could be able to discover wonder even in the most commonplace of situations.

Annie Wersching could move her body without the accompaniment of music. She advised that rather than lounging about and waiting for excitement to find us, we should actively seek it out.

“You need to go look for it. It is possible to locate it at any location. Additionally, we are going to look for it.

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