André De Ruyter Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Children, Salary, Net worth

André De Ruyter Biography

Andre de Ruyter, whose given name is Andre Marinus de Ruyter, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. in addition to being on the board of directors for the company. Both Nampak Plastics Europe Ltd. and Nampak Holdings (UK) Ltd. have Andre serving on their boards of directors at the present time.

In addition to that, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Sasol Olefins and Surfactants Pty Ltd. Four months after Phakamani Hadebe resigned from the same positions, Andre was appointed as CEO and Director of Eskom Holdings.

Phakamani Hadebe had served in such capacities previously. In response to the announcement, several individuals expressed their disgust, while others affirmed their trust in him.

André De Ruyter Age

Andre de Ruyter was brought into this world in the year 1971 in the city of Pretoria, which is located in the country of South Africa. In the year 2021, he will reach the age of 50.

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André de Ruyter Happiness abounds in the home of Andre de Ruyter and his wife. It appears that his wife has been effectively concealed from the view of the public since no information on her can be found.

Andre and his wife have been blessed with a total of three children. His family and he have made the city of Johannesburg in South Africa their permanent residence.

André De Ruyter Education

Andre de Ruyter obtained his primary and secondary schooling in Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa, during the formative years of his life. After that, he went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in arts from the University of Pretoria.

After that, he went on to study law and civil law at the University of South Africa, where he received his Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Civil Law degrees. In due time, Andre received his Master of Business Administration degree from Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands, where he had previously studied.

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Andre de Ruyter Qualifications

Andre de Ruyter has worked in the petrochemical business for well over twenty years at this point. Andre de Ruyter has worked in a variety of nations, including Nigeria, China, Angola, the United States of America, and others, in addition to South Africa. The following are some of the positions he has had in the past:

I am currently the general manager of Sasol Ltd.
Sasol Ltd.’s Chief Executive Officer.
The future Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Nampak Limited.
A person who holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Nampak Ltd.

Andre de Ruyter Net worth

The entire amount of wealth that André de Ruyter possessed was never made known to the general public. However, thanks to his roles as CEO, director, and businessman, he has accumulated a sizeable wealth throughout the course of his career.

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According to a number of different news sources, he has a net worth of at least ten million dollars. This estimate has not yet been confirmed by Andre de Ruyter or anybody else on his team.

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