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An 18-year-old is dead at Kronum in a fire outbreak.

In the Kronum fire, an 18-year-old from the area died while trying to save their father’s things. Afigya Kwabre District in the Ashanti Region saw a fire breakout, which led to the discovery of a dead 18-year-old inhabitant of Kronum.

The 18-year-old reportedly made an attempt to save his father’s residence from a devastating fire on Saturday. Residents were worried that he might have gotten stuck in the fire while trying to save the building with an extinguisher.

When firefighters went back to the scene of the accident to put out the fire, they discovered the 18-year-old’s body under the debris. The 18-year-old who was killed in the fire has had his body recovered, according to the fire department on the scene. Over 50 flats were destroyed by the 2:00 p.m. fire that spread to at least six residences. A 10-bedroom building was also completely destroyed by the fire.

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The facility’s plastic recycling factory was where the fire began, according to Peter Addai,DO3, the Ashanti Regional PRO for the fire service. He stated, ”Little information we gathered from the brother of the facility owner indicated that the fire started within the facility.” He added that the factory owner is now being treated at the hospital and that reports suggest he sustained minor wounds.

BY: Ernest Asamoah

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