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“Call Me Ifunanya”- American Singer, Jennifer Lopez Adopts Nigerian Name

The American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez currently goes by a Nigerian name.

Jennifer Lopez decided to give her Nigerian name “Ifunanya.”

Jennifer Lopez adopted the nickname that Nigerian media personality Drea Okeke gave her during a recent interview.

Since Ifunanya means “love” in Igbo, Okeke continued, the moniker is fitting for the American diva who “is a certified lover girl.”

“What is my [Nigerian] name?” inquired Lopez.

American singer Jennifer Lopez takes on a Nigerian name, “Call Me Ifunanya.”

“This name means love because you’re a certified lover girl,” the host retorted. Ifunanya is the person. Love, that’s your name.

In Lopez’s opinion, “Ifunanya! Give me Ifunanya.

Ben Affleck, the spouse of Lopez, would have the Nigerian name “Obim,” according to Okeke. That is my heart speaking.

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Lopez concoded, “Obim? I like that. I will call all my kids that.”

Remember that Lopez and Affleck revived their romance and married in 2023, 17 years after their first breakup.

J.Lo, commonly referred to as Jennifer Lynn Affleck, is an American dancer, singer, and actor. Having performed for forty years, Lopez is considered a pop icon and one of the world’s most important performers.

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