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Aman Gupta Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net worth, Career, Family, Early LIfe

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Aman Gupta Biography

Aman Gupta, an Indian businessman who serves as the organization’s chief marketing officer, was one of the individuals that helped with the building of the boat. Before starting his own business manufacturing electrical gadgets, Aman worked in a variety of positions for several companies.

A discussion about Aman Gupta’s life narrative is the first item on the morning’s schedule. Most people are familiar with him because of the television program Shark Tank India, on which he previously appeared as one of the sharks.

The main reason why people are familiar with him is because of this program. He frequently brought up the fact that this makes your products stand out from competitors and helps you introduce them to the market.

Sales of the product increased over time as a direct result of its increased quality, and the end result is there in front of your eyes: he is now the owner of a company with a $1 billion market value.

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Along with him, several other entrepreneurs joined the program, including Ashneer Grover, Vineeta Singh, Anupam Mittal, Peyush Bansal, and Namita Thapar; Ghazal Alagh also appears on the program as a “Shark.”

Aman Gupta became quite well known as a consequence of his presence on the Sony TV program “Shark Tank India.” Many company owners from all across India travel to the event’s location to pitch their enterprises to the “sharks,” a group of investors, and request funding for their enterprises.

Aman Gupta Early Years

Aman Gupta is currently well-known for being Boat’s co-founder and chief marketing officer. Aman obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India before continuing on to get his CA degree.

Aman Gupta was productive in all of his pursuits when he was a student. He had an assistant management job at Citibank for almost two years after earning his CA.

After that, he decided to work with his father to start a company called Advanced Telemedia Private Limited, because he wanted to do something major on his own. He appears to be dissatisfied with the company. He has worked for a number of other companies.

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Aman Gupta’s career as a co-founder of the business Boat officially began in 2015. The first item the firm put on the market was the extremely durable and long-lasting Apple charging cable. The product almost instantly received positive reviews from Amazon customers, and sales picked up swiftly.

In this way, he started his career creating boats and eventually created other things in response to shifting fashions and demands. In terms of sales, Bluetooth speakers and headphones are by far the most sought-after things on the boat.

Aman Gupta Family

Aman Gupta was born in the city of Delhi on March 4, 1982. Neeraj Gupta and Jyoti Gupta had multiple children, and Aman was one of their offspring. He was one of two kids; his sister’s name was Neha, and his siblings’ names were Anmol and Anmol.

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Aman Gupta married Priya Daga in 2008, and the two are now very much in love. They both had daughters; one of them was called Ada Gupta, and the other was Miraya Gupta.

Aman Gupta Net worth

Boat is a well-known and highly profitable company, with profits estimated in crores. He and Sameer Mehta founded their business, known as Boat, in 2016. Let’s get right to it: Aman Gupta’s net worth is estimated to be around 700 crores of rupees.

Thanks to his other assets, Aman Gupta is also successful. By purchasing shares, he has an interest in several other companies. Aman invested in several other companies, among them Shiprocket, Skippi Ice Pop, 10 Club, Bummer, and The Renal Project.

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