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The Iglesia Maradoniana, also known as the Church of Maradona, is a parody church that was founded by supporters of the late Argentine footballer Diego Maradona, whom they consider to be the best player of all time. The name of the religion literally translates to “Church of Maradona.”

Héctor Campomar, Alejandro Verón, and Hernán Amez are the three individuals who established the Maradona Church in the city of Rosario, Argentina, on October 30, 1998, which was also Diego Maradona’s 38th birthday. Depending on the particular definition of religion that one chooses to employ, it is possible to view it either as a form of syncretism or as a religion.

One of the founders, Alejandro Verón, is quoted as saying, “I have a scientific religion, and that’s the Catholic Church.” “I also have a religion that was passed on to me via my heart and my love, and that’s Diego Maradona.”

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Church of Maradona
Church of Maradona


Since Diego Maradona was born in 1960, followers of the Church use the period designation d. d. (Spanish: después de Diego, lit. “after Diego”) to record the number of years that have passed since Maradona’s birth. These followers are said to come from all regions of the world.

They also use the number D10S for Maradona since it combines the word “Dios,” which means “God,” with the number 10, which is on Maradona’s shirt.

Church of Maradona has now spread to many more nations, including Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Japan, Afghanistan, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and the United States of America, to name just a few of these new locations. For instance, it is claimed that there are more than 9,000 in the country of Spain.

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There are ten commandments.

The following are considered to be the “Ten Commandments” of the Church of Maradona:

  1. The ball is never soiled.
  2. Love football above all else.
  3. Declare unconditional love for Diego and the beauty of football.
  4. Defend the Argentine shirt.
  5. Spread the news of Diego’s miracles throughout the universe.
  6. Honour the temples where he played and his sacred shirts.
  7. Don’t proclaim Diego as a member of any single team.
  8. Preach and spread the principles of the Church of Maradona.
  9. Make “Diego” your middle name
  10. Name your first son “Diego”

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