Alan And Bawumia Fall Behind a Surprised Candidate In An Online Poll, Ghanaians React

The contest to determine who will run for office on behalf of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the elections of 2024 is a difficult and perhaps contentious one. Dr. Bawumia, Alan Kyeremanteng, Afriyie Akoto, and Kenedy Agyapong are among the candidates who have the best chance of prevailing.

A controversial politician named Kwame A Plus ran an online poll, and the results show that most people want Kennedy Agyapong to win the upcoming presidential primaries, even though experts think that Dr. Bawumia and Alan are the frontrunners in the race.

Kennedy Agyapong polled 44% of the vote, while Alan received 40%, Dr. Bawumia had 11%, and Afriyie Akoto received 1%. Many people were taken aback by this news, as they had anticipated that Dr. Bawumia would have an advantage in the race due to the fact that he is now serving as Vice President, and as such, the party would work to advance his candidacy for president.

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One may also argue that those who vote online are not delegates who would vote in the primaries, yet this is undeniably a sign of what the public may desire.

Who of the following do you think would be the best candidate to head the NPP in the presidential elections in 2024?

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