Perez Chapel declares one week fast over Agyinasare’s Nogokpo controversy

After the disagreement that occurred between the church’s founder, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, and the chiefs and people of Nogokpo in the Volta Region, Perez Chapel International has announced that they will be fasting and praying for the next week.

Benjamin Ohene Aboagye, the Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, was the one who made the announcement on June 4, 2023.

Perez Chapel declares one week fast over Agyinasare’s Nogokpo controversy

“During the Supernatural Empowerment Summit that took place on the 25th of the previous month, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare addressed the matter of Nogokpo and delivered a statement. I believe that everyone is aware of the situation in Ghana at this point.

It is becoming increasingly popular on several platforms, including social media. All of these items have been brought to the attention of the Perez Council, which speaks on behalf of the Executive Council, and this is what the Executive Council has to say about them.

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We are calling for a one-week fast to take place between the 5th and the 11th of this month, and we expect all of our churches, as well as all of our pastors, elders, deacons, and deaconesses, to engage in this fast for the full seven days. We have faith that God will guide us and help us.

He is a pillar for us. He is the one that we model ourselves after. Consequently, this is the choice that we have made for the time being. “We anticipate that everyone [across all of our branches] will take part in this fast,” he explained.

The controversy that has surrounded Archbishop Agyinasare started on May 25, when he made a comment regarding the Nogokpo shrine while he was leading a worship service at a church.

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Archbishop Agyinasare referred to Nogokpo as the “demonic headquarters” of the Volta Region in the sermon that he delivered. After that, he proceeded to make other accusations against the Nogokpo deity.

The Nogokpo shrine is a well-known and widely visited traditional shrine in Ghana. It is said to be the dwelling place of the god of justice.

The words made by Archbishop Agyinasare infuriated the elders of the shrine, so they issued him a summons to appear before them within the next two weeks or else he would have to face their wrath.

Since then, Archbishop Agyinasare has stated that he did not intend to disparage the Nogokpo people in any way with his comments.

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