African Black Soap (Alata Samina)

Without wasting too much time, I'd like to list the main ingredients that go into making this African black soap. I call it “Black Magic Soap” because it can help our skin in so many ways.


Ingredients: cocoa pod, plantain skin (peels), coconut oil or palm kernel oil, and sometimes shea butter. These are the items I know that it is normally prepared with. We all know that as time passes, people develop new ways of doing things, but trust me, as long as these ingredients are in it, it won't change anything. It will definitely give you the results of the reasons why you are reading this article.

How to Use African Black Soap to Get Rid of Body Odor and Other Skin Issues


This article has been written due to various testimonies which so many people have given me and also as a teenager when I was growing up. As we all know, when you get to adolescence you start developing pubic hair and you also begin to sweat more due to the day-to-day activities we perform. So I also began to experience body odour issues. One day, as I was visiting my village, I forgot my body soap. I spent only three days there and trust me, it worked like magic. When I came back to the city, I decided to make it my skin companion and it has been very helpful to me. So next time you bath, make sure you add this magic soap, and definitely, you will come and testify. I mostly recommend it for those who have put on weight since they sweat a lot.

It can also be used to treat a variety of other skin issues, such as irritated skin caused by the use of other cosmetics on the market these days, which are full of chemicals that are not friendly to our skin. A word of caution: because we all know that our climate conditions in Africa differ from the rest of the world, we should be cautious about the cosmetics we use. As we are talking about its uses, we cannot conclude this article without mentioning its affordability. It is the most common, cheapest, and most affordable soap we can find, which will help us save some money too.

Do you know there are other natural ingredients you can find right in your kitchen and add to this soap to give you the light skin you have been looking for by buying those expensive cosmetics? In our next article, that is what we will be talking about, so keep on following WWW.2RVISIONNEWS.COM for the best news and make sure you follow us on all our social media platforms.


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