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Accra: Flood kills two at Bortianor

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At Baba Dogo in Bortianor, in the Ngleshie Amanfro constituency, the intense rainfall that occurred on Tuesday morning is believed to be responsible for the deaths of two children. The storm also caused damage to properties that were valued in the thousands of cedis.

Witnesses have stated that the building that was housing the two children and their mother eventually collapsed, resulting in the deaths of the children.

The mother was unable to move her two children to safety as the rushing water carried them away from her. The mother’s attempt to move his children was unsuccessful.

According to statements made to Citi News by the Chairman of the Landlord Association in the region, this is not the first time that people have been killed as a result of floods in the region.

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According to him, the assembly has not been successful in demolishing some of the houses that were built in the waterways.

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, parts of Accra, the capital of Ghana, were flooded as a result of a downpour that lasted for three hours.

The lightning and thunder that ripped through the air just before the rain began to fall at approximately 3:40 in the morning were quite startling.

During the storm, major streets became flooded, making it difficult for pedestrians to drive their vehicles to their places of employment. This was shown in a number of pictures and videos shared on social media. Additionally, drivers were required to come up with alternative ways to get to their destinations.

It was difficult for commuters who lived in the areas around the Kasoa Old Barrier, Weija, Dansoman, and Lapaz to navigate their way through the water.

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Because of the rain, the street lights in some areas of the city, particularly the old barrier in Kasoa, were not functioning properly.

In a press statement issued prior to the rains, the Ghana Meteorological Agency issued a warning that “Southeastern Ghana has been engulfed by a cloud that is carrying rain.” Rainfall of varying intensities is being caused as a result throughout the Volta Region.

The impact will be felt initially in Greater Accra and the Eastern region, and then it will move on to Central, Western, and other parts of the Ashanti region.

It is likely that parts of Greater Accra will experience flash flooding as a result of the rain. Please take note of the following.

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