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Accra Experiences Moderate Earth Tremor of Magnitude 4.0

On Monday morning, the city of Accra, which is the capital of Ghana, felt a minor earth quake with a magnitude of 4.0.

On Monday morning, December 12, 2022, people in most parts of Accra said they felt a small earthquake. At a distance of ten kilometers from Gbawe, the epicenter was found in the western section of Accra.

The event, which took place at 11:53 a.m. local time on December 12, 2022, was one of three occurrences of the phenomenon that took place within a span of five hours.

The first one happened around 6:53 in the morning, likewise in the western part of Accra. The second one happened at 10:00 in the same locations, and the third one happened at 11:53 in the morning, about 10 kilometers from Gbawe.

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The Android Earthquake Alerts System said that the shaking reached a magnitude of 4.0, making it one of the biggest earthquakes that has ever happened in Ghana.


It was revealed to Graphic Online, which called the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GSSA) for official information on the tremor, that a team of specialists has been deployed to the epicenter in order to gather information. Graphic Online contacted the GSSA in order to obtain this information.

Isaac Nwinbelle, who is in charge of the GGSA, told Timothy Ngnenbe, who is in charge of Graphic Online, that a team of experts has been sent to the earth quake monitoring station in Weija to get information about the most recent tremor.

Earthquakes are a common occurrence in Weija.

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The tremor was felt in several locations in Accra, including the enclave that is located along Graphic Road.

According to some eyewitnesses, in the Central Business District (CBD) of Accra, which is where the majority of the city’s commercial and financial activities take place, particularly around the area of the Bank of Ghana, people could be seen making an effort to move away from buildings and into safer areas.

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