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A sex scene with Jim Iyke almost got me expelled from university – Actress

Lilian Afegbai, a well-known actress, recently disclosed that she came dangerously close to being expelled from Benson Idahosa University (BIU), which is located in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, after appearing in a sex scene alongside Jim Iyke in a film.

During the most recent episode of Tea with Tay, she discussed this topic.

Lilian Afegbai claims that she was forced to go before a disciplinary committee at Benson Idahosa University (BIU), which is located in Benin.

“I began acting on a more serious level in BIU. Due to the fact that I had a sexual encounter with Jim Iyke in my first movie, I came dangerously close to being kicked out of school. Therefore, I was a child when the film was first released.

“They took the video to school; they said I performed an illicit scene; they modified a panel,” she added. “It was just a lot, and other people in the school, you know, with envy now, started informing our Reverend Seb’s wife, and so they brought the movie to school.”

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The actress continued by saying that she had to convince them that what they had witnessed was a fabrication and that those things did not actually take place.

“I was terrified that I was going to be kicked out of school. I felt my heart racing. It was a Christian school, and when students start talking about something and make it an issue in school, you actually have to face a panel. After I arrived at the panel, I immediately began explaining to everyone there that I am a Christian. “I would never do anything to put my Christian beliefs in jeopardy, but then again, this is acting, mom; it’s make-believe.”

According to Lian Afegbai, being in the entertainment sector has not been a simple chore, and she also mentioned that it is a lot of hard work.

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“In most cases, it is impossible to change the way individuals perceive things.” Simply put, one must always be honest with oneself. However, I feel it is important for individuals to understand that they cannot generalize about all people based on the experiences they have had with one or two other people.

People need to stop being so quick to pass judgment. Let’s show more love to one another since the world is in desperate need of it.

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