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8 persons die in canoe accident on Oti River

A canoe that was traveling down the Oti River capsized, and as a result, eight of the eleven people who were traveling in it were killed.

Monday, March 27 was the day that the accident took place.

Mourners were among the passengers, and they were on their way from Kpajoti, a village located in the Krachi Nchumuru District, to Sabaja, which is located in the Krachi West Municipality.

According to the account of one eyewitness, none of them were wearing life jackets.

Francis Yaw Bio, the Assemblyman for the Wuringa electoral area, told TV3’s Martin Asiedu Darteh during the midday news broadcast that the number of passengers onboard the canoe, 11, was higher than the maximum number of passengers that the canoe could hold, which is six. The canoe only had room for six people.

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There were eleven people in the canoe, including the driver, which made the total number of passengers 12. According to him, there should not have been more than six people in the canoe because the number was greater than what it could hold.

He went on to say that inquiries have been launched into the circumstances surrounding the accident.

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