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DJ Khaled is so moved by Black Sherif’s music that he shares a video of him.

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DJ Khaled is so moved by Black Sherif’s music that he shares a video of him performing on his Instagram account.

The music of Black Sherif has won DJ Khaled over, and he wants everyone else to know about it.

A music prodigy from Ghana named Black Sherif has won acclaim for his recent accomplishments from one of the most successful DJs and record producers in the United States, named Khaled Mohammed Khaled.

The young singer has been making waves in the field of music thanks to the success of his recent songs “Kweku the Traveller” and “Back to Back Hits,” both of which were released in quick succession.

In a message that he published on Instagram on Tuesday, DJ Khaled spoke to Kweku the Traveller by name and encouraged him, writing, “Black Sherif, keep going, music that affects your soul.”

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As a result, Black Sherif has been one of the most successful Ghanaian musicians this year and has also collaborated with some of the best bands from other countries as a result of taking the quality of his music to a new level.

Several Ghanaians expressed their congratulations to the Ghanaian via social media.

The hitmaker of “Kweku the Traveller,” whose music typically tries to communicate more about the difficulties of life and has a tendency to inspire listeners, continues to proudly represent Ghana via his work.

He wrote the handle “@blacksherif_.” After only a quarter of an hour, music enthusiasts from Ghana and other parts of the world had watched the post more than 65,000 times and had left approximately 1,500 comments.

The message that DJ Khaled was trying to convey resonated with the 20-year-old singer of “Sermon.” When commenting on the post, Black Sherif utilized emoticons representing love and flowers in his expressions.

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BY: Obed Mprah Otchere

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